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30.04.2012   |  Журнал «Dazed & Confused» (UK)

Russian charity. А doctor from Vladivostok organizes charitable events

Russian charity. А doctor from Vladivostok organizes charitable events

“Images of charity” interview series continue. Today our guest is Pavel Kompan – General Director of Image agency “P.R.R.” (Russia, Vladivostok city). This agency has been organizing charitable events aimed at helping different people for several years. A resident of the Russian Far East told us about himself and his charitable projects. 

Hello, Pavel! You are General Director of a Russian company. Tell us, please, why did you choose a foreign word to name your agency? Is it because you like everything that is foreign? 

Why should I indispensably like everything that is foreign? I am Russian and first of all I like everything that is Russian: my language, my country, my city, my parents. A foreign company name is usual for Russia. To begin with, many words used in Russian language are borrowed. Russian language as well as a Russian person possesses a great deal of tolerance: we willingly draw foreign words and adapt them. Often borrowed foreign words have no analogies in Russian language. We are not a tiny bit disappointed that the word “fruit” is not of Russian origin; we say and write it effortlessly.

What about the company name, it could not have been different. Its primary business is public relations. This is what two first letters say. Since Russian language offers no adequate analogy of this notion and combining two different languages in one company name is a bad form, the name turned to be foreign.

Does your company’s foreign name mean that you want to follow examples of American image agencies? Do you adopt American experience? 

If we ever try to follow examples of American image agencies it is only in general issues. We are certain that our services should meet demands of those who are interested in them: partners, guests, celebrities who visit us. What about experience, we learn from any experience that might be useful, including American experience.

Pavel, you live and work in Vladivostok, why are you so well known in Moscow? Do you plan your work so that you could conquer the capital in a while? 

It is not only in Moscow that I am known. For example, I am known in Milan. It does not mean that I want to conquer Milan. I live and work in Vladivostok, but my and my agency’s partners live all over the world. They live in the USA, in Italy, France, Japan, Korea….

But you visit there often. As far as I know besides managing the agency you interview your countrymen for some magazine. Do you have a degree in journalism? 

No, I don’t have a degree in journalism. I have a degree in medicine.

I can’t believe it! 

Why not? I have a diploma.

How did you become a director of an image agency then?

It is my agency, I incorporated it. More than 6 years ago when I was a college freshman I understood that I want and, what’s more important, that I can organize a gorgeous party, a show, a huge celebration where people will not be bored, where they will be excited. There I began. I understood that such celebration can do good.…

Oh, yes! I prepared for this interview. I have many questions about charitable events written down here…

So ask them. (He smiles).

You know, I’ve understood everything already. Earlier I wanted to ask about the campaign “I choose to help children”. Now I understand it. You are a doctor. It explains a lot…

Even the fact that last year we helped a wildlife fund? We helped tigers, to be certain. Following your logic I am not only a doctor, but a veterinarian too, or a zoologist…

I did not know about the tigers. So, you don’t only help children?

Certainly, not only children. We helped veterans of Great Patriotic War, we helped women’s crisis center. Besides, it was not the first time that we helped children. Unfortunately there are many categories of people, animals and even inanimate objects that need help. As a director of image agency I understood that I can help those who need it. Besides, we need to show example to others. Once long ago being in Vladivostok I looked around and decided that charity must be made fashionable. I have been working on it for several years already.

I looked at the list of partners on your web-site. To tell the truth, I was surprised to find very famous brands among the companies that cooperate with you.

Why is it surprising? Vladivostok is not a god-forgotten place where no people live and nothing occurs. You must know that at the beginning of September we are going to hold APEC Summit. Our city develops rapidly. Many Vladivostok companies are official distributors of fashionable clothes brands, alcohol drinks, smokables, jewelries… We forge relations through them and apart from them. Our agency is the only in Vladivostok and in Primorsky region that can brag about bringing Valentino and Gucci collections to events like we did. We bring collections of fashionable Russian designers. We cooperate both with Russian and foreign companies.

All your events visit special guests. Why do you usually bring Russian celebrities to your shows and don’t invite foreign artists?

Russian celebrities are in greater demand now… And, to be honest, it is easier to reach an agreement with them. Besides, Russian celebrities act as masters of events. However, we had a Canadian band “Right on” invited to an event in 2008 and Stephenie Coker in 2009. It should be mentioned that both events were charitable.

I know about Stephenie. I have interviewed her recently. She gave me an advice to interview you. It is very interesting how people in different countries and cities help each other.

Now I see! I kept guessing who I owe my popularity in Germany. The reception we had that time was called “Cocktail”, but what’s more important, residents of Vladivostok remember Stephenie’s performance with delight! The time when Stephenie was our guest we helped women’s crisis center.

If I understand it correctly, you help people through events that you organize. You gather partners, hold events…

Special charitable events are the only way of beneficent help. For example, last year we published an interior book. It is a very interesting edition. Its 700 pages show photos of the largest events in the Far East held by our agency over 5 years of its existence. It contains photos from photo exhibition “Prime persons”, interviews with Russian celebrities who were our special guests and interviews with Vladivostok public officials. We sold a book and 1,000 rubles from each sale were donated to WWF.

Do you use different methods?

Certainly. If you want to be successful with a complicated task – help gather funds for someone, you have to be ingenious. If you want people to follow, you must find interesting and acceptable forms for them.

Where was the last charitable event held?

A charitable reception was held on March 16. The campaign “I choose to help children” was launched there, it will last till the end of 2012.

I read about it and I know you produced T-shirt with images of people for the campaign “I choose to help children”. Tell me, who are these people? Do they represent show business of Vladivostok or Russia? Perhaps, they are doctors?

There are two doctors on these T-shirts, one of them is me and the other is Sergey Edranov, PhD in dental surgery. He heads one of the best clinics in Vladivostok. There are no more doctors among them. There is a theater director Efim Zvenyatsky, actress of the theater Larisa Belobrova. Among them are businessmen and businesswomen, a local parliament member, a healthy and beautiful girl who is two years old. I can say that the T-shirts bear images of people who are not indifferent regardless of their sex, age and education. You don’t have to be a doctor or a teacher to help sick children. You just have to be a regular person who is not indifferent. Besides, one of the T-shirts bears image of unfinished bridge…

Oh! Please, tell me, how did the idea to use the image unfinished bridge come to your mind? It is very interesting!

The bridge that we photographed thanks to the partner of our reception Rostelecom – the largest Russian telecommunications company, will become a new symbol of Vladivostok very soon. Residents of Vladivostok were waiting for such bridge for almost 100 years. The photo that we took is unique since it shows the past. Just a little later this bridge will become an important traffic artery connecting two parts of our marvelous city.

Who made these T-shirts for you?

The T-shirts were brought from Italy; the images were added in Moscow at a textile factory. Unfortunately, there are no proper technical facilities in Vladivostok. We wanted our T-shirts to be just as good as Gucci’s. And we made it!

Do the T-shirts sell?

They sell very well. The return is donated to the account of children’s oncological hematological center. What I am particularly happy about is that people not only buy these T-shirts, they wear them! Bracelets are popular too.

What bracelets?

Bracelets bearing the campaign’s motto in different colors. They were produced by the event’s partner – Ignat shopping mall.

Is it some Russian company?

No, it is the oldest Vladivostok company. It is well known and loved by the residents of Vladivostok.

You surprised me so much by telling that you are a doctor, I forgot what I wanted to say… Now I see. Please, tell, why does director of an image agency who holds a medical degree need to interview someone for a magazine?

I guess I want to try doing different things. I am excited to meet people and ask questions, I am excited to get their replies. I like provocative questions. I hate reading “cleaned up” interviews. You can say that it is an opportunity for me to realize myself in a complementary area.

Did you try to realize yourself through something else? May be you like drawing…

No. I don’t draw. Perhaps I should say I don’t draw so far…


Two years ago I did not sign. Then we decided to host a show all participants of which, people of different professions, must sing. A vocalism teacher who was invited to teach the participants of the “Star concert” suggested that I try doing it too… I was very surprised when I succeeded in it. I was even more surprised when I agreed to be a master of this show. It turned, I am good at it. To conclude, I was persuaded that nothing is impossible for an intelligent person. That’s why I don’t think that I cannot take a brush and paint one day.

Are you not married?

No. I was married, but I am divorced.

What happened?

Russians call it “too different attitudes”.

So, you are an eligible bachelor?

I’m sure how to put it. I guess not so eligible.


I work non-stop. I am like Figaro – both here and there. It is not easy to live with me since I am a workaholic, even worse, a workaholic who is involved with show business.

Brief dossier

Birth date: July 9, 1986

Residency: Vladivostok city

Marital status: Single

Occupation: General Director of Image Agency

Журнал «Dazed & Confused» (UK), 2012, № 4